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Design Your Success Podcast

Apr 25, 2015

Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Youtube... and all the other social media plateforms out there?

Do you optimize your online presence to create a strong brand awareness for your business or mainly watch cat videos (like I do sometimes)? :-)

On this episode I interviewed Dr. Jennifer Bennett,...

Apr 18, 2015

What is procrastination?

What are some reasons why we procrastinate, and can this habit literally cost you your life?

I know you have alot going so I kept this short and sweet so you wouldn´t push it to tomorrow...

Tune in today for some simple answers and tips.

Or will you deal with your procrastination tomorrow? :-)

Apr 11, 2015

It is often said we are our own worst critics.

Do you sometimes see imaginary flaws in yourself or judge your imperfections (and those of others) too harshly?

On this hadithi episode we learn from 2 pots and a water bearer what to do when we discover our own and other peoples imperfections. Tune in to hear 2 IAT...

Apr 4, 2015

Omar Zehnom co-founder of 100MBA and Business Republic shares his expertise on how to build your business. His podcast - The 100MBA show was rated the # 1 Work Smarter podcast for 2015 by iTunes.

Together with his partner Nicole Baldinu, they are helping thousands of entrepreneurs with their daily 10 minute business...