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Design Your Success Podcast

Sep 23, 2015

On #PodcastDay 30th September 2015 this show will be 1 year old!

On today´s episode I share a bit about how I got to podcasting. Following the dream of inspiring you.

Hear about 3 Simple, but often ignored reasons why we fail to follow our Dreams, and what you can do about them. One of the ways we can follow our dreams...

Sep 16, 2015

Speaker and International Best Selling Author Alicia White works with coaches, authors and business experts helping them define and implement their Unique Speaker Identity. Tune in to this interview and learn practical strategies on how you can generate leads and revenue every time you speak. Discover how to give your...

Sep 7, 2015

Every heard these words? "You´re too old, or too young." "Sorry, you don´t have what we are looking for..." 

If yes then you know the sting of rejection. It´s not nice. But just because someone doesn´t see your potential, doesn´t mean you quite on your dreams. Listen in today and be inspired by Misty Copeland´s...