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Design Your Success Podcast

Dec 24, 2015

On this holiday episode, we look at 5 tips we can apply to wrap up the year well. The 5 tips are:

*Review  *Rejoice *Recharge *Remember *Ready

The show takes a break and we resume in January with a new season. Tune in to discover how you can claim your free 7 day audio course to support you in setting your 2016 goals...

Dec 13, 2015

Do we entrepreneurs sometimes base our identity and sense of security on the success we achieve? After earning a Master's degree at 23 years old; Mia Davies started her entrepreneurial journey. She has started 2 companies and generated over 7 figures in business. After years of chasing and achieving worldly success,...

Dec 4, 2015

It is the last lap of 2015, the festive season is here. A time when we celebrate and reflect as we wrap up another year. So what does coffee, your bosses slim wife and hope have to do with you finishing your 2015 strong? Listen to this short Hadithi (story) episode and get the inside scoop.

Visit for...