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Design Your Success Podcast

Jun 1, 2018

Flying can be fun. Until we experience frightening turbulences that make us grip the seat handles and whisper a prayer. As I often say, life is like a journey, and can we both agree it's not always clear blue skies and smooth sailing?

But just like there are instructions on what to do in the event of danger on a flight, so too in life, there are things we can pro-actively do to be better prepared for the storms of life. I don't know about you, but personally, I've never actually had to put on an oxygen mask on a flight. Should it ever happen, it would be interesting to observe how many of us stay calm and how many freak out like we often tend to do in unexpected stressful situations.

Paying attention to the flight attendant during the safety instructions could be a deciding factor between panicking and freaking out or staying calm and helping others.

But the truth it's easy to tune out during monotonous safety instructions because "we know all that already." I've been guilty many a time...

And so it is with wellness. We "already know " eating healthy, exercising, hydrating, a positive mindset among others are beneficial for our well-being. But do we do these things or do we ignore what we know only to discover just how unprepared we are to manage stress when that crisis does come?

Not being the bearer of bad news here, but none of us is exempt from life's turbulences. 

That's why wellness is not overrated when it comes to managing harmful stress. There are so many benefits, some of which I mentioned in a previous blog post. In this episode, you'll hear 5 simple tips that will boost your emotional, mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Self-care is like putting on your oxygen mask first. This helps us be better prepared to handle the inevitable rough moments in life as well as help others around us.

Tune in and discover how these five simple, but effective self-care tips can help manage stress and improve your well-being.

  1. Add Fiber Daily
  2. Digital Detox
  3. Practise Mindfulness
  4. Process Tough Emotions 
  5. Do Kind Deeds

Happy listening and always, remember I love hearing your thoughts and learning from you. Let's continue the conversation over @