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Design Your Success Podcast

Jan 19, 2017

With less than two weeks to February, a lot of the "New Year, New You" hype has simmered down. Fact is for most folks, nothing is new. Besides changing the last digit on the calendar, its "business as usual." 

Many people make grandiose proclamations on New Year´s eve. But weeks later all those great intentions have failed and bitten the dust. Like a faulty firecracker that fails to take off. Enter guilt trip. Ouch! Am I all up in your business? It´s OK, I understand because I used to be one of those people. The more champagne I´d had, the more grandiose my declarations were... 

Have you ever wondered why your resolutions don´t work though you try so hard and you really desire change? Wonder no more. Instead, listen to this episode as I share the better way to set your intentions. If you´re ready to ditch the guilt trips from failed resolutions, tune in and discover the liberating way to design the 2017 you desire. 

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