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Design Your Success Podcast

Apr 2, 2017

The African Impala in its natural habitation can leap 10 feet high and cover a distance of up to 30 feet ahead. BUT; in a zoo, it´s another story for this agile animal. Held in by a 3 feet wall, the African Impala will not make a move to jump and get away from the zoo. Even if it has the ability. 

Why won't it jump?

The African Impala will not jump if it can not see where it will land! It needs a vision of its landing pad for its feet. Else it stays put. Trapped. Held in. Enclosed in the zoo. Instead of leaping away from some lions menu and crisscrossing the savannah enjoying the freedom it was designed to enjoy, this animal will not jump.

We can be like that sometimes when it comes to our dreams and visions. Without a vision, we stay stagnant. Even though you and I have potential to take steps and leaps of faith. We remain in the status quo. Year in year out we act like the African Impala in the zoo. We won´t move because we don't "see" the whole picture of this adventure called life. We are afraid to take chances. We play safe and get cozy in out comfort zones. 

What's the solution? Glad you asked, tune in and discover how a vision board can help you overcome the African Impala in the zoo syndrome. Listen in as I share how a visual can act as a point of reference concerning the vision you see with your minds eye.

You were born to take steps towards your purpose. Not stay stuck like an impala locked up in a zoo.

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