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Design Your Success Podcast

May 20, 2017

This week marked the International Coaching Week - an annual global celebration of the profession. This episode is an excellent opportunity to join my colleagues in raising awareness about how coaching benefits individuals, companies, and organizations. 

Tune in and discover the difference between a therapist, mentor, consultant, coach and a goals buddy. And learn the 7 ways coaching accelerates your life and business success.

1) Fast Progress - Coaching focuses on your future. A coach's primary job is to help you set and achieve your desired goals. Using questions, assessment tools, and their individual methodology, trained coaches help you become more effective and productive. At the end of the set coaching period, you should have tangible measurable results. 

2) Full-filled Potential - A coach believes in your potential. They help you see and do what you can’t see and do on your own. Their goal should be to support you for a limited set time, so you learn, grow and get results fast. A coach should leave you more competent and self-reliant. Developed self-awareness should help you achieve your future intentions beyond the coaching.

3) Facilitate Smooth Transition – Life is a journey and change is inevitable. You are either stepping INTO or OUT OF something. A job, relationship, empty nest syndrome. You may be starting, scaling, or closing a business. Transitions can be messy, stressy and disorienting. Working with a coach makes change smoother.

4) Feedback From Your Team – Often we have ideas or are working on businesses that our friends and family don´t quite “get.” They may tell us what we want to hear because they don’t want to hurt us. A coach will create a safe environment and engage you by asking significant questions, then actively listening. They will be a sounding board for your ideas and give you professional, neutral feedback. They´re paid to be on your team to help you build on your of strengths, work on your weaknesses and achieve your intentions.

5) Coaches Model Positive Behaviours – They´re fully present in your progress process. Attentive, supportive and resourceful. Ideally, a coach walks their talk reflecting someone you want to associate with. Someone punctual. Reliable. Keeps their word. Can be trusted to keep things confidential. Respects your time, your decisions and your boundaries. Has empathy and emotional intelligence. Coaches are team players with leadership skills.

6) Your Network = Your Networth - With their wealth of experience, a coach can bring ideas, resources, connections and networks that propel your progress. They have a wide range of know-how and relationships that can be beneficial to your current goals and future plans. Because the people you know and associate with, play a significant role in how far, and how fast you get in life. 

7) New Skill-sets and Positive Habits – We all do it. We have good intentions to do something tomorrow. Months or years later, nothing has changed! We procrastinate.  We sabotage our success with excuses like, “I have no time. I have no money, there is something else I have to finish.” The list is endless.Sometimes we need to learn something or simply develop success habits, routines Coaching is a personal development strategy where you grow into the person who achieves the goals and success you desire.

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