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Design Your Success Podcast

Oct 9, 2017

Businesses exist to solve their client's problems and building a profitable one starts with knowing who your ideal clients are and what their problems are. A successful business provides the solutions to an existing problem.

You can have the best solution, but if you´re the worlds best-kept secret, you do your potential clients a disservice and end up having an expensive hobby instead of a profitable business.

Once you get clear on your ideal clients, you want to position yourself so that those clients actually find you. That's what today's episode is about.

Tune in as we look at 5 simple digital strategies to grow your audience, get more leads and convert more sales so that you build your profitable business.

1. Start with putting out content in formats your ideal clients consume.

2. Make it easy for your audience to help you go viral.

3. Not all Social Media platforms are created equal, be strategic

4. Collaborate and network with your niche peers, it's a win-win.

5. Beyond the lead magnets and opt-ins, conversion strategies.

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For all the mentioned links and resources, see this episode´s show notes