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Design Your Success Podcast

Mar 21, 2015

Have you ever been in a challenging situation or encountered a setback that almost paralysed you?

Such is life. We all face obstacles or adversity. But it´s not what we go through, but how we go through it, that makes the difference.

This hadithi episode is about story of the farmer and his old donkey. Tune in and...

Mar 13, 2015

Did you know; according to Brain Statistics, getting organised is the 2nd most popular New Year´s resolution?

Disorganisation can become clutter and spiral out of control. Our collectors items, slowly turning us into pack rats and even compulsive hoarders. Clutter can manifest itself as limiting beliefs, relationships...

Mar 7, 2015

Would you like a simple tip on how to have everything in life you want?

You will have to stick till the end to hear it...On this hadithi (story) episode we look at how you can make a difference in the world with the pebble in the pond effect. Tune in and hear what starfish, a single mom, a small-business owner and...