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Design Your Success Podcast

May 17, 2015

Many times we don´t follow our dreams because we have some limiting beliefs

We start all kinds of projects and constantly have (NEW) big ideas. Chasing the next bright thing can be a form of self sabotage (or ADD)

Yes if something´s not working, no need riding a dead horse. There is a time to file it as learning experience. It´s NOT failure. It´s feedback.

But if you have a long history and trail of all sorts of unfinished projects, or there is an area you have been struggling with for years; it may be wise to examine if some birds have built a nest on your head. Stinking thinking may be the root of the unwanted fruit in your life. Because as a man thinks within himself, so is he.

Instead of blame-shifting or feeling like victims, changing our thoughts can be the beginning of positive change so we can have, be or do what we desire, dream of and deserve.

Thoughts are like birds. We can´t stop them flying over our heads, but we can stop them from building a nest on our heads.

Change your thoughts. Change your life...