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Design Your Success Podcast

Jun 3, 2017


Happy June to you! We´re already halfway through this year, and if you´re anything like me and many others, somehow every year we wonder at how fast time flies. It's not news, yet every year you and I seem surprised.  So, tell me, can you still see IT? 

"What IT"? you wonder...

Am talking about what you intended to have, be, or do this year.  Because if you can see it, you can be, do or have it, and on this story time episode, we assess the year so far.

Your vision for 2017 is the IT! 

  • How have the last 6 months been?
  • Are you on track with what you set out to do?
  • Is there something to adjust before advancing into the 2nd half? 
  • Are you pumped and excited about your progress, or has the fog set in and you feel like quitting already?

If you want to achieve your life and business intentions with ease for the next 6 months, focusing on the vision on your mental screen is imperative. Because challenges in life are inevitable and unforeseeable. That's a given and none of us is exempt. 

Sometimes in the journey of life, we can´t see the goal because we focus on the foggy situations around us.

Tune in and discover how one woman didn´t give up on her goal after thousands watched her fail. Despite a heavy fog and hungry sharks the second time she made it. Because she could see IT. Let this real life story inspire you to press through the fogs of life. Because if you can see IT, you can have, be or do IT.

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