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Design Your Success Podcast

Jun 17, 2017

On today's interview episode, my guest shares how our lives are like orchards.

If we tend to it we will enjoy its fruits.

She´s been in Ministry for over 24 years serving others. But after they had a still-born daughter,  Holly felt like she couldn't express what she was going through. With bottled up emotions she started having major anxiety attacks that led to a dark season of depression. 

It took a talk in the emergency room for my guest to realize somethings needed to be addressed. The restoration path led to counseling and going back to school to get a degree in Christian Counselling.

Today Holly helps that woman who may be struggling internally, but externally it looks like she has it all together with perfected masks and filters. Tending to everyone else but herself, the 21-century woman can look like wonder woman. Balancing work, kids, family, business, and community or ministry obligations. But the pressure of self-imposed or society´s expectations can lead to overwhelm, anxiety and even depression.

Holly helps women transition into a space where they show up in alignment with their unique personality, gift, and talents.

Because we can't pour out of an empty cup, she helps us see why self-care, gratitude, and faith are so important for spiritual, physical and emotional wellness. So that your orchard can flourish.

So that your orchard can flourish.

To connect with Holly and explore what she does, check out the links of this episode´s show notes @